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Elite Hogwarts
User Information for Hogwarts Elite
Community Information; Community Descriptions 
05|19|08 - 12:45
Hogwarts Elite 1
      term 18;
      community descriptions
      open access communities.

after being sorted, please join;
01. sorting_elite (Join here!)
At Sorting Elite, potential members post applications, and current active members sort them into one of the four houses, or vote them a squib if they do not believe the member would be a good addition to our tight-knit community. Sorting Elite is a public forum and gives potential members an idea of what to expect from Hogwarts Elite; therefore, we request that all members extend the same amount of courtesy and kindness to those they are sorting as they themselves received while being admitted to the community!

02. hogwarts_elite (Join here!)
The Hogwarts Elite community is reserved for contests and general discussion, both on and off topic, and posting access is granted to all members. This is the heart of Hogwarts Elite, and while new members are not required to friend it, we hope that you will do so! Additionally, official notices and announcements will be posted here on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for anything the Headmaster, Headmistresses, Head Girls or Prefects may share with the school, it will probably be important.

03. ministry_elite (Join here! | Complaints post.)
Efficient management is highly valued in Hogwarts Elite; therefore, any discussions or questions about the community itself (this includes sorting discussions, notification of misspellings/broken links in the FAQs/Elite_Hogwarts community, as well as suggestions) should be placed here and NOT in the Hogwarts Elite main community. Posts discussing a community policy by anyone but the Headmaster or Head Girls is not allowed outside of Ministry Elite. This community is also home to the Owlery Member Contact Post.

04. diagon_elite (Join here! | Apply to be a shop owner!)
Diagon Elite is a community where members can post graphics, fan fiction, essays and art for points. Posting access to this community is restricted. Shop Owners (graphics) need to apply to post. Daily Prophet Writers (fan fiction, essays) need to place first in a writing contest in Hogwarts Elite. Daily Prophet Photographers (fan art) need to place first in a fan art contests in Hogwarts Elite. Each period, Shop Mistresses grade the work of the Shop Owners and Daily Prophet Editors grade the work of the Daily Prophet Writers and Photographers. Galleons (points) will be awarded to all who post in a given period.

05. animagus_elite (Join here!)
Animagus Elite is the out of character section of the Marauder's Era RPG that is offered for game play at Hogwarts Elite. If you find yourself itching to play, feel free to submit an application at any time. The main game play for the Marauder Era RPG takes place at Marauder Elite (marauder_elite), which you are also more than welcome to join.

      term 18;
      community descriptions
      restricted access communities.

do not join unless told;
06. prefects_elite
This is the headquarters for all the Prefects to get their tasks from the Headmaster, Headmistresses and Head Girls. The Prefects do jobs around the community that are integral to keeping things running smoothly throughout the community. They are also the house cheerleaders. If you ever need to ask any questions about Hogwarts Elite, please contact them.

07. headgirl_elite
( Headmaster Contact | Headmistress Contact | Gryffindor Head Girl | Slytherin Head Girl | Ravenclaw Head Girl | Hufflepuff Head Girl )
This is where the Head Girls from all four houses meet and receive their orders from the Headmaster.

08. lounge_elite
Throughout Hogwarts Elite, there are students with special positions who help out in various places. Lounge Elite is a place for them all to congregate and discuss things with the Headmaster, Headmistresses and each other to ensure that everything around Hogwarts Elite moves smoothly.

09. hogsmeade_elite
Hogsmeade Elite is a special site that is only open to students once every term on the weekend before the end of term feast. You receive points for participation and winning, and these points add up extremely quickly. Don't miss the weekend's fun.

10. lions_heart (Join here!)
17. blood_serpent (Join here!)
18. eagle_eyed (Join here!)
19. loyal_badger (Join here!)
Only members sorted into a particular house, the Headmaster, Headmistresses and Head Girls are allowed inside these Common Rooms. In your common room, you are free to discuss whatever you choose with your housemates.

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