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about our community;
This is a Marauder Era role playing game. Players can take on the role of a Harry Potter character and explore the characterization and creative process of playing that person. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet other people, have fun, and flex your creative writing muscles. marauder_elite is where all the action happens; this is where scenes are played out and where most of the plot moves forward. Only character journals can post in marauder_elite. animagus_elite houses out of character posts and modly announcements. Both character journals and personal journals of players can post here. Posts in both marauder_elite and animagus_elite must be friends locked. Character journals, such as melucius, are the personal journals of individual characters, and they act as diaries of characters, who record their thoughts about current events. Such posts should be made public.

This game takes place during the Marauder Era of the Potterverse; basically, while Lily, James, and the other Marauders, were still alive. The game originally started in June of 1977, and since then, the Marauders have graduated the First War is in full swing.

If you are interested in looking into the history of marauder_elite’s plots, please take a look at the Monthly Scene Recaps, which have links to all the scenes that have been RPed in marauder_elite. This is extremely helpful for gauging character relationships and plot developments.

If you are confused about what a role playing game is, please see the Marauder Elite Guide, where you can learn about the basic mechanics of a role playing game. You can also find our character application there.

For a list of current characters and available characters, please check the Character List, which is always kept up to date by the current mods. New characters are always welcome, but the introduction of original characters is strongly discouraged. Currently, you do not have to be a member of hogwarts_elite in order to apply for a character. Once your application has been reviewed by the mods and approved, you will be given a character journal and password. You are NOT allowed the change the password at any point; doing so can risk your status in the game.

Please note that Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort are played by the mods as me_npc. If you need either of these figures for your scene, please make sure you contact the mods ahead of time, and have a clear plan for your thread. Sometimes, a small background character is needed to complete a scene; these characters can be played by me_npc if previously arranged with the mods.

When posting in marauder_elite, please use the following heading at the top of your post to add clarity to your RP. If you have a fairly long introduction to the scene, please place a couple sentences outside of a cut, and place the bulk of the introduction under the cut.

WHO: List the characters involved in the scene.

WHAT: In a sentence or two, describe what is going to happen in this scene.

WHERE: List or describe (briefly) where the bulk of the action of the scene takes place.

WHEN: Simply the date and time that the scene takes place.

RATING: G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. Please keep in mind hogwarts_elite’s policy about NC-17 works. If your scene is rated R or NC-17, please include a warning about the content of the scene. Below is a brief description of the rating system.

[RP goes here]

G: Nothing offensive; suitable for all audiences. Appropriate for toddlers and grandparents.

PG: Contains slightly offensive material. Suitable for older children.

PG-13: May contain mild violence, some mild/offensive language, drug/alcohol abuse, and physical romance. Alright for children aged 13 and up.

R: Contains adult material. May include offensive language, violence, nudity, drug/alcohol abuse, sexual situations, and character death. Intended for mature audiences.

NC-17: Very graphic content. May include excessive violence, offensive language, sex, drug/alcohol abuse, and unlawful behavior. Not suitable for people under 17. Such themes are highly discouraged in marauder_elite; please be sure to consult with a mod before you play out such a scene.

Questions? The contacts post can be found here. It includes mod contacts, as well as other character contacts to facilitate your playing with other characters.

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